Thursday, October 6, 2011


Are all of you obsessed with Pinterest yet? I definitely am. It's changed my life. Facebook can't hold a candle to pinterest, in my opinion.

I was pinning along, and stumbled across this website, which offers tips to help moms take photos of themselves with their kids. Some of them are great tips. Some of them go beyond my very, very amateur photography knowledge. But either way, the tips are based on the idea that women don't like having their picture taken. True? Probably, yes. The author recommends putting on makeup and picking up the house to overcome self-consciousness. But that's only half the problem, as I've mentioned previously. The other half is that many dads are not taking part in capturing and documenting family memories. Many of them don't pick up the flippin camera.

She suggests using a tripod, pre-focusing, and using a remote control to take the shots.

Is this empowering or degrading?

If you're doing this, snaps to you for managing to get in some photos. I know how hard it is! But am I missing something? The photos accompanying the post are only of children with their mothers. Not the whole family. It doesn't take a self-timer, peeps. If you're married or partnered, tell your significant other to PICK UP THE CAMERA. Because it's just a little sad for me to envision you setting the tripod and aperture (whatever that is?) in order to get a photo of yourself when you take so many photos of your partner with your children. In fact, it's painful.



  1. I'm fortunate to have a husband who LOVES taking pictures. The only problem is he likes taking pictures of stuff, not people. Every now and then I step into my "director of photography" shoes and say, "I want a picture of us in this position. Try to capture a natural shot." Then we get our nice mother son picture. Unfortunately that doesn't make up for the fact that we don't get family photos very often. That's when the tri-pod steps in.

    BTW, my mom was most definitely the photographer in our family growing up. I don't think I ever saw my dad take a picture of us. We went on a big family vacation and my dad was in charge of the video camera we had borrowed from friends to document it. When we got home, we realized the only thing he took video of was the parade floats and food. (He was a caterer, so we had lots of pictures of food, every where we went).

  2. I keep hearing of this pinterest site and yet have not yet visited it. But yes, I'm pretty sure that setting up your camera on a tripod to get photos of yourself with your kid is just a little bit pathetic. It feels far less pathetic to shame my husband into helping me out. :)