Thursday, September 22, 2011

And We Have Initiation!

OMG. It happened. The kiddo did something funny last night (said "sweet" after being proud of peeing on the potty) and the hubs looked at me and said, "I HAVE to write that one down."

I'm so excited! To play off of Neil Armstrong's famous post-walking-on-the-moon quote, this is one small step for men, one giant leap for humankind. It's also one small step for my hubby, one giant leap for our family. I'm so thankful to not be doing all the family documentation alone. I have to admit, I had to remind him to write the memory down, but he gladly asked, "where's the memory card system?"

He's such a good daddy!


  1. that still cracks me up...but so great to have him excited about documenting the little stuff of life :)

  2. It is so fun! And now we're keeping the memory card system in a place where he's sure to never need to ask again :)