Friday, August 19, 2011

Two Men Have Spoken

And I'm looking for more voices. A couple of daddys replied to me on google+ that their form of kin work is blogging and posting Facebook photos of and updates about their children for their networks. They likened this to their form of scrapbooking. I'm asking for more information!

I ask you, dear readers, what are other forms of kin work done by dads? What did your dads do? What do you notice your husbands doing? What do you want your husbands to do?


  1. My dad was always responsible for addressing the tons of Christmas cards my parents sent out every year.

    As far as my house, I am a SAHM and, since I'm at home, I do take on the kin work as part of my job. My husband more than makes up for me doing the kin work by doing at least half the laundry, cooking on his nights off, and frequently doing dishes.

    BTW, your link on the ICLW list is messed up but I notified Mel and it will be fixed before the end of the day.

    ICLW #19

  2. I'm so glad you've found a balance you're happy with!

    Thanks for letting me know about the link problem. I'm glad it'll be fixed. I'm still learning about blogger.

    Also, thanks for commenting. Blogging is soooo lonely when there is no one posting.

  3. I have never heard the term before. It's very interesting ... I grew up without a Dad, but my Grandpa was my father figure. I remember sitting in his green recliner reading the funnies (comics) from the paper every Sunday, then we'd go to church and then to the library, he was and will always be amazing to me, and I lost him when I was 11, it was like losing my father. (I do have a long distance relationship with my Dad) ...

    My husband has a facebook and he updates, sometimes, but he tells his friends if they want to know whats going on with him, to add me. HA HA ... He does 90% of the cooking in the house, he enjoys taking pictures of the kids... I am the most creative one though... I scrapbook do most of the pictures, etc and so on, but he is always willing to get down and play with the kids, and get messy with them when we do art stuff... he is an amazing Dad.

    Happy ICLW from #86 :D

  4. My father is the party planner extraordinaire!! He is the one that plans and executes many of our family gatherings and parties!

    My husband, well most of it falls to me, but he is really good about taking away items from "the second shift" to free up time for me.

    Happy ICLW

  5. Sarah and MoonStarMommy, I'm so glad you shared your experiences! Thank you so much. It gets lonely blogging, doesn't it?

    It sounds like both of your husbands try to relieve some of the pressure, and that's great to hear.