Sunday, August 21, 2011

Taking Down the Christmas Tree

Welcome ICLWers! I'm thrilled to have you perusing my blog. If you have any questions, please let me know. Also, a good place to start is with this post, which answers some questions about me and why I write this blog. Another important post defines kin work, which is the topic frequently revisited. My hubby and I are also challenging ourselves to a kin work project, in which we'll attempt to do as much kin work together as possible. Follow me and comment away!

Ellen and her family have a long-standing tradition of cutting their own Christmas tree at a farm. This particular year, she and Ed were faced with the difficult decision to continue the tradition or not.

She finds the ritual of putting the tree up and taking it down to be painful. Ellen states, “It’s hard to get the tree down. I’m always by myself. I decided not to do it this year.”

She admits, “It’s me who puts it up and it’s me who takes it down. I cry, cry, cry.”

Has anyone else's mom admitted these types of feelings?


  1. Wow, Kin Work - color me newly informed. So interesting! Thanks for stopping by my blog, happy to comment back and learn a little something this Monday AM.

    Pretty sure if I tried to talk the boy into this he would ask if he could do his share of the kin work at the golf course. And of course, I get the added confusion of "work balance" from working at home. Let me tell ya, I need to bring home the bacon, cook the back AND form a relationship with that bacon in my house! :)

  2. I'm Jewish, so no. LOL. But this is so fascinating...There are so many things in a relationship (well, mine) that I find I can't communicate with my husband that I wish he would just know without cause. Excited to read more about your blog!

    Happy ICLW!

  3. I LOVE holidays and we throw a big to-do at Halloween and Christmas. That said, I don't do anything I don't absolutely LOVE to do. 13 years ago when I started my own family I was caught up in the lists of traditions and supposed to do's and six years ago, at 30, I had an epiphany. I said screw it and decided to do holidays my way. Sure, sometimes I compromise but if I hate it and it's important to someone else, they can do it, right? :)

  4. Hey Anna, I brought up your theory on kin work and your project tonight at a mom's group I attend and everyone was completely fired up and wanted to hear more. If you have any interest, email me as the mom's would love to learn more and we all get together and thought you could join us one night. Let me know, you can just respond to this comment as its tied to my email!

  5. Jeri, I'm so glad you've set limits for yourself to only do the things you love! Many women feel the expectations and do only what their family loves. You're saving yourself from lots of stress and sadness later on.

    Oak, can't wait to meet up!

    Eggsinarow, I totally know the feeling. How come we can't have telepathic marriages?!