Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Late Birthday Cards

Welcome ICLWers! I'm thrilled to have you perusing my blog. If you have any questions, please let me know. Also, a good place to start is with this post, which answers some questions about me and why I write this blog. Another important post defines kin work, which is the topic frequently revisited. My hubby and I are also challenging ourselves to a kin work project, in which we'll attempt to do as much kin work together as possible. Follow me and comment away!

Two of my brothers have birthdays in the first week of July. Like a good sister, did I send them each a card? Yes.

Were they on time?



I sent them on Saturday. I told one brother on the phone, "Hey, I'm embarrassed to say that you'll be getting your birthday card in the mail this week." He laughs and says, "I haven't thought about my birthday in a long time." Almost two months, to be precise. WHY can't I get it together? There's always something that gets in my way of conducting kin work in the way most women are able. Like....

1. No stamps. And I hate going to the post office. HATE. I was excited to move adjacent to a university because the post office is right next door. This helps me out quite a bit, actually. I'm rarely out of stamps for more than a few days now. Plus, when I do make it over to the post office, I hoard stamps like a chipmunk preparing for winter.

2. No cards. Sometimes I make my own cards. Sometimes I buy cards but then forget where they are. Sometimes I can't decide whether I should buy or make a card for that particular occasion or for that particular person. Or sometimes, I've had to write so many thank you cards to one person that I'm actually repeating the card. You shouldn't repeat cards, right? Those packs of 12 can be bad. Especially when you have some mighty generous folks in your life.

3. Decluttering. In this case, I was tidying before a 4th of July gathering and put the cards in a drawer. They were already stamped and everything! Of course, no one would probably believe me, would they? I swear they were. Note to self: Reclutter after parties. Recluttering sounds fun.

4. Procrastinating. I think I'll do it tomorrow. I think then I'll be more inspired to write a perfect message. Tomorrow turns into next week, which turns into next month, which turns into the month after that.

Bad, bad kin worker. Guilty as charged.

I didn't tell my other brother that his card was on the way. But I did receive a text that said, "Thanks for the great bday card!" I wrote back saying, "Sorry it's so late. Love you!"

He loves me, too, despite my poor kin work skills. I think they've all lowered their expectations of me. Appropriately.

And the hubs still has no clue that a) it was my brothers' birthdays, b) we were going to send cards, and c) the cards were almost two months late.


  1. The great card debate goes on in our house as well. With all of the weddings (and now anniversaries) that we have had in the past two years I have come up with a little method. I found an old portable file cabinet and put a few file dividers in it. I went to the store and stocked up on the essential cards: blank note, thank you, birthday, anniversary, wedding, congratulations, baby shower, bridal shower, and sympathy. Now, when something comes up I know exactly where to go and what file they will be in. It makes things a whole lot easier than running to Target right before a wedding! Which, sad to say, I have to do before Saturday because I'm out of wedding cards!!! And no, my husband hasn't asked one word about if we have a present and or card for this weekend. So it continues....

  2. 1. You can buy stamps at Wells Fargo ATMs at Super Americas. You're welcome. :)

    2. I feel too guilty to send birthday cards that late. You rock for owning your miss!

  3. Kristen, you are amazing. Such a great system! I need to move into that type of organization. I think being in grad school for so many years made me inept at balancing this stuff. I'm taking your suggestion and I'm going to run with it. Thanks for posting!

    Oak: Um, yes, THANK YOU for that. Super America? No way. WF mean I can drive through to get stamps. I don't even need to get the kiddo out of the car? I might go there tomorrow :)
    Haha. Owning my miss. I love the way you make that into a positive thing. I needed that laugh. I'm so glad we're internet friends!

  4. I agree with the card - it is easier to wish someone happy birthday on facebook!
    But the fact that you take the time to get the card, go get stamps etc, means you really do care, and even if they are late, it shows you care.

  5. Do you know what I do? I buy cards for the whole month, fill them out, address and everything, put a stamp on it, and a post-it note on the card with the date it should be SENT! I keep them in a stack at my desk at work, and when the mailman comes,...voila! I send them all out. Even if they are a month early. LOL. Then I'm done.