Thursday, August 4, 2011

All Joy and No Fun

Just wanted to share an interesting parenting article today. It was written awhile ago, but I found it so fascinating, I had to share it here. Future parents, it's a must read. Current parents, you, too. Enjoy!

Come back and let me know what you think.


  1. excellent article. thanks for sharing. maybe i'm still going through the honeymoon phase, because nina wiping her peanut butter covered hands in her recently washed hair is still somewhat amusing now and could be a case for nostalgia later. many interesting studies and points, i often use that phrase of 'you're more likely to regret not doing something' to my service based homeroom. tomatoes are hitting the floor, well, time for yet another trip to the zoo.

  2. Ben (or is it Kara? Hi to both of you, either way!), I agree it can be amusing! I think the key to being a happy parent is maintaining the kind of perspective you clearly have. It's a gift to have these kiddos and they grow up right before our very eyes, so we might as well embrace the peanut butter hair, right? I mean, choosing to be frustrated over it is to choose misery instead of joy.

    I still can't help missing being lazy once in awhile. Because to be a parent is to NOT be lazy. Ever. Maybe it's just my intensely active child? Or my poor organization skills? Oh well, I'll be lazy again one day and then I'll wish he still needed me!

  3. The perspective is also coming on the heals of attending a family camp where we had free babysitting in the morning and at night so we got to be lazy/active with our own interests again... it was great! Highly recommend trying it out.

    You are definitely right about not getting to be lazy; I wish they'd at least let us sit still and enjoy something for 10 minutes. Oh well, we just try to actively enjoy re-understanding the world with fresh eyes.

    -ben (& kara says hi too)