Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Adventures in Co-Kin Work: August 60th Scrapbooking

We sat down last night to document some life together. Yes, I did say, "Come on, Hunny. Let's document some life together."

He was on Twitter. Then I heard, "No way. Rachel's first CD was Free Willy Soundtrack, too?!" I'll never let him live that down. Ten bucks to the person who can guess his second CD. Check back for the answer.

At this point, he wasn't documenting life. Although he was keeping me entertained. And he made me a malt. Does that count as being an active participant in kin work?

Jury? Still out. Help me decide.

I ask him, "What stories are you going to write?"

He wonders, "Did you steal mine already?"

I had already written two stories down. I reply, "What are yours?"

"All the things we've talked about tonight," he says.

I had.

What? I have to make it even EASIER for him by making sure he has stories to write?

Okay. I looked through some of my iPhone photos to jog some memories for him. I came across one particular photo I thought he might enjoy writing about. He brightened up and was excited to write the memory down.

"Oh, $hit."


"I put August 60th instead of 6th." That cool date stamper failed him.

We're learning how to do it, though. I'm wondering if we should schedule a weekly scrapbooking date? Maybe then we'd become more efficient?

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  1. I love that you are both writing the stories into your Project Life. What a great idea! My husband loves the fact that I'm documenting, but I never considered having him help with it. I think I'll give him a week. Thanks for sharing!