Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I was reading my friend, Emily's, blog and was so relieved. Emily and I both have sons who are only nine days apart in age, so I can relate to her wholeheartedly on many levels. We're living parallel lives from different parts of the country!

Check out Emily's blog:

In the linked post, Emily describes how the transition to full-time, at home motherhood was challenging. I can definitely relate. Being an almost-stay-at-home mom (I teach part-time), at first, everything seemed so much harder. Everything. From showering to brushing my teeth to eating to cleaning to everything under the sun. And it's true, all of these things are harder having a little one around. Things have gotten much easier. Partially because of his age, I think. But I have started seeing this difficulty more as an honor. I'm fortunate to be a mother, I love being a mother, and I love, love, love my son. Yes, he makes things harder. But he also makes many things more fun and more fulfilling. Take the good with the hard, right?

What does this all mean for kin work and the third shift? To be determined.

P.S. Emily, how are you getting all your chores done in 15 minutes? Can you teach me?


  1. Thanks Anna! My secret to getting chores done in 15 minutes is don't try to do it all. haha! Just do one or two a day. Of course this require keeping things picked up throughout the day, but when it comes to cleaning (actual cleaning) I only do a couple things a day.

  2. You two are wonderful! Miss you both!