Friday, July 22, 2011

Comparing Quotes Part 1

Alright, readers. Let's play a game. Guess the year in which these statements were made. Hint: They're from different years. Very different. Come on, y'all. Leave a comment with your guesses! I won't bite.

1. It is women who sigh [at the approach of Christmas]; so far as men are concerned, Christmas is safe enough with them; they don’t sigh because they dread the weeks before the 25th of December. Nor do the young people of our sex groan over the approach of the “merry” day; to them the seven weeks mean only the pleasant hurry of anticipation. It is feminine middle age that sighs when it sees November slip into December . . . Does this seem an exaggeration? Ask a dozen women, whose ages range anywhere between thirty and sixty…How many of them can truly say they never lie awake at night and think about Christmas?

2. The stressful part around this is all this sort of thoughtful preparation that goes into it, and I am a lone ranger for us representing our own family. What’s going to be the most thoughtful, homemade, self-created, artistic gift this year? And he [her husband] doesn’t know about it until someone opens it that day. He’ll say, “who is that from?” “You!” and I’ve taken on that role but it’s still stressful. Like gifts for his co-workers. For his boss? It’ll get down to it and he’ll be like… “ohhh…I really should do something.” He doesn’t really think or know that he wants to get them something. And I’ll be like, “um…here. I’ve been making these for months.”


  1. Hmmm....

    I'm going to guess 1) 1968 and 2) 2007.

    No mass emails for me.